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Vladimir Salnikov


Curriculum vitae

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CNRS 80Prime Project
Working Group
Géométrie Différentielle
en Mécanique

Quiberon, 2021
Rencontre Poisson
La Rochelle 2020+1

Géométrie Différentielle
et Mécanique GdR GDM

Réunion à La Rochelle
7-9 Juillet 2021

"Pourquoi les mathématiques?"
Moscow, Russia, 2012

Research interests

  • Geometric mechanics, geometric and structure preserving integrators
  • Generalized geometry and super geometry;
  • Geometry and quantization of sigma models; supersymmetric models;
  • Qualitative analysis of dynamical systems: algebraic,
    topological and numerical approaches, integrability;
  • Modelling: thermodynamical equilibrium in biological simulations;
    mechanical, thermal and electric properties of composites within
    the framework of stochastic homogeneization;
  • Numerical aspects: GPU and parallel computing;
  • Applications : physics, mechanics.
See also the Research statement. and the complete version of the CV.

Research activities

  • 18 articles published in journals,
    11 published in the refereed proceedings,
    7 preprints and working papers.
    See the full list
  • Participation in ~ 120 conferences, workshops and schools,
    including ~ 60 with communication and ~ 10 as invited speaker.
    See the full list

Reviewing activities and editorial

  • Referee for The Journal of Geometry an Physics
  • Referee for Comptes Rendus - Mécanique
  • Referee for Poceedings of the Royal Society
  • Referee for Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications
  • Referee for The Scientific World Journal
  • Referee for Actes de colloque EDP-Normandie
  • Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews/MathSciNet and ZentralBlatt Math
  • Member of the editorial board of the European Mathematical Society Newsletter

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