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Géométrie Différentielle
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Quiberon, 2021
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La Rochelle 2020+1

Géométrie Différentielle
et Mécanique GdR GDM

Réunion à La Rochelle
7-9 Juillet 2021

"Pourquoi les mathématiques?"
Moscow, Russia, 2012

Published or accepted articles

    In international journals

  1. V.L.Golo, Vl.N.Salnikov, and K.V.Shaitan, Harmonic Oscillators in the Nosé-Hoover
    Environment, Physical Review, E70, 046130, 2004.
  2. V.Salnikov, T.Strobl, Dirac Sigma Models from Gauging, Journal of High
    Energy Physics, 11/2013 ; 2013(11). DOIs:10.1007/JHEP11(2013)110
  3. V.Salnikov, On numerical approaches to the analysis of topology of the phase space
    for dynamical integrability, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Vol. 57, Dec. 2013.
    Preprint: arXiv:1206.3801 [math.DS].
  4. V.Salnikov, Effective algorithm of analysis of integrability via the Ziglin's method,
    Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems, March 2014,
    Preprint: arXiv:1208.6252 [math.DS].
  5. A.Kotov, V.Salnikov, T.Strobl, 2d Gauge Theories and Generalized Geometry,
    Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014:21, 2014, DOI:10.1007/JHEP08(2014)021.
  6. V.Salnikov, D.Choi, P.Karamian-Surville, On efficient and reliable stochastic
    generation of RVEs for analysis of composites within the framework
    of homogenization Computational Mechanics, Volume 55, Issue 1, 2015.
    Preprint: arXiv:1408.6074.
  7. V.Salnikov, Graded geometry in gauge theories and beyond, Journal
    of Geometry and Physics, Volume 87, 2015, Preprint: arXiv:1411.4486
  8. V.Salnikov, S.Lemaitre, D.Choi, P.Karamian-Surville, Measure of combined effects
    of morphological parameters of inclusions within composite materials via stochastic
    homogenization to determine effective mechanical properties, Composite
    Structures, Vol. 2015, Pages 122 - 131, Preprint: arXiv:1411.4037.
  9. L.Hanten, G.Giunta, S.Belouettar, and V. Salnikov, Free Vibration Analysis of
    Fibre-Metal Laminated Beams via Hierarchical One-Dimensional Models,
    Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2018, DOI:10.1155/2018/2724781.
  10. V.Salnikov, D.Choï, P.Karamian-Surville, Computation of effective electrical
    conductivity of composite materials: A novel approach based on analysis of graphs,
    Composite Structures, 
 Vol. 189, 2018, Preprint: 1612.09262
  11. V.Salnikov, A.Hamdouni, From modelling of systems with constraints to generalized
    geometry and back to numerics, Z Angew Math Mech., Vol. 99, Issue 6, 2019,
    Preprint: 1807.06652
  12. D.Razafindralandy, V.Salnikov, A.Hamdouni, and A.Deeb, Some robust integrators
    for large time dynamics, Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences,
    6, 5, 2019, Preprint: 1811.09114
  13. V.Salnikov, A.Hamdouni, Differential Geometry and Mechanics - a source of problems
    for computer algebra, Programming and Computer Software, Vol. 46, Issue 2, 2020.
  14. V.Salnikov, Supersymmetrization: AKSZ and beyond?, Russian Journal of Mathematical
    Physics, Vol. 27, No. 4, 2020, Preprint: arXiv:1608.07457
  15. V.Salnikov, A.Hamdouni, D.Loziienko, Generalized and graded geometry for mechanics:
    a comprehensive introduction, Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems,
    Vol. 9, No. 1, 2021, Preprint: 2007.11081
  16. B.Jubin, A.Kotov, N.Poncin, V.Salnikov, Differential graded Lie groups and their
    differential graded Lie algebras, to appear in Transformation Groups, 2021.
    Preprint: arXiv:1906.09630
  17. D.Loziienko, V.Salnikov, A.Hamdouni, Construction of pseudo-geometric integrators
    to appear in Programming and Computer Software, 2021.
  18. In refereed proceedings

  19. Vl.N.Salnikov, Nonlinear Dynamics and Resonance Effects of Systems in the
    Nosé-Hoover Thermostat, Proceedings of the Contest-Conference for Young Scientists,
    Institute of Mechanics of MSU, 2004.
  20. V.N.Salnikov, Nonlinear Dynamics in the Nosé-Hoover Environment, Proceedings
    of the Fifth EUROMECH Nonlinear Dynamics Conference, 12 pages, 2005.
  21. Vl.N.Salnikov, On the dynamics of the triple pendulum: non-integrability,
    topological properties of the phase space, Lecture notes of The Conference
    "Dynamical Integrability" (CIRM), 2006.
  22. Vl.N.Salnikov, On the dynamics of a triple pendulum: Various approaches
    to non-integrability, Proceedings of the Contest-Conference for Young Scientists,
    Institute of Mechanics of MSU, 2007.
  23. V.Salnikov, D.Choi, P.Karamian, S.Lemaitre, Génération de VER 3D par
    la dynamique moléculaire et variations autour de la pixellisation. Calcul
    des propriétés effectives des composites, proceedings of CSMA 2015.
  24. V. Hounkpati, V. Salnikov, A. Vivet, P. Karamian-Surville, On the influence
    of the inclusions' morphology on the accuracy of the prediction of reinforced
    composite materials' behavior, ECCOMAS Congress, 2016.
  25. L.Hanten, G.Giunta, S.Belouettar, V.Salnikov, Analysis of Fibre-Metal Laminates
    by Means of Higher Order Hierarchical Beam Models, Proc. of XXIV International
    Conference of Italian Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2017.
  26. S.Lemaitre, V.Salnikov, P.Karamian, D.Choi, Génération aléatoire de VER à
    inclusions géométriques modulables inspirée de la dynamique moléculaire,
    Proceedings of the 23d French Congress of Mechanics (CFM), AFM, 2017.
  27. V. Salnikov, A. Hamdouni, Geometric integrators in mechanics - the need for
    computer algebra tools, Proceedings of The third International Conference
    "Computer algebra", 2019, Moscow, Russia.
  28. V. Salnikov, A. Hamdouni, Géométrie généralisée et graduée pour la mécanique,
    actes du Congrès Français de Mécanique, 2019, Brest, France.
  29. V. Salnikov, A. Hamdouni, Revisiting geometric integrators in mechanics, Proceedings
    of The Fourth International Conference "Computer algebra", 2021, Moscow, Russia.
  30. In other journals

  31. V.Salnikov, Intégrabilité dynamique: de l'approche algébrique au calcul parallèle,
    Matapli (SMAI), No 100, 2013 (en français). Matapli archive
  32. Scientific notes

  33. V.Salnikov, Integrability of the double pendulum - the Ramis' question,
    Preprint: arXiv:1303.4904 [math.DS].
  34. Around science and education

  35. Vl.N.Salnikov, The possibilities of using the school informatics laboratory
    in realization of the "interaction" between the various profiles of education,
    Special volume of the digest "Realization of the lyceum education" 2008.
  36. A.Fialowski, J.Hilgert, B.Orsted, V.Salnikov, "Discoveries, not Inventions"
    - Interview with Ernest Borisovich Vinberg, European Mathematical Society
    Newsletter, 2017.
  37. A.Fialowski, Yu.Neretin, M.Pevzner, V.Salnikov, “Liberté aux professeurs associés!” -
    Interview with Alexandre Aleksandrovich Kirillov, European Mathematical
    Society Newsletter, 2017.
  38. A.Frabetti, V.Salnikov, L.Schaposnik. Working from Home. 2 Months 4 Months
    and Still Counting..., European Mathematical Society Newsletter, 117, 2020.
  39. A.Bruce, K.Grabowska, D.Millionshchikov, V.Salnikov, A.Tuzhilin. Working from Home. 2 Months
    8 Months and Still Continuing..., European Mathematical Society Newsletter, 118, 2020.

Submitted articles

  1. S. Lemaitre, V. Salnikov, D. Choi, P. Karamian, Computation of thermal properties
    via 3D homogenization of multiphase materials using FFT-based
    accelerated scheme. Preprint: arXiv:1504.07499
  2. S. Lemaitre, V. Salnikov, D. Choi, P. Karamian, Influence of morphological
    parameters in 3D composite materials on their effective thermal properties
    and comparison with effective mechanical properties, Preprint: arXiv:1602.07851
  3. V.Hounkpati, V.Salnikov, A.Vivet, P.Karamian, On the effective
    mechanical properties of composites reinforced by ellipsoidal and spherical
    particles: Fast Fourier Transform and mean-field homogenization.
  4. V.Hounkpati, V.Salnikov, A.Vivet, P.Karamian-Surville, On the choice of
    homogenization method to achieve effective mechanical properties of composites
    reinforced by ellipsoidal and spherical particles, Preprint: arXiv:1701.09131
  5. O. Cosserat, C. Laurent-Gengoux, A. Kotov, L. Ryvkin, V. Salnikov, On Dirac structures
    admitting a variational approach, Preprint: arXiv:2109.00313
  6. A. Kotov, V. Salnikov, The category of Z-graded manifolds: what happens if you do not
    stay positive Preprint: arXiv:2108.13496

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